Member services


The Quebec Community Newspapers Association is recognized by federal and provincial governments as the official representative of the community newspapers official languages.

  • This recognition comes in part from the official media ranking system that considers the acceptability criteria and inclusion as cost guides approved by the government of Canada and Quebec.
  • The government filing system contains specific references to encourage media organizations to participate accepted.
  • Membership in the QCNA offers a "seal of approval" recognized and quality contents insurance for those who take important decisions. The membership criteria to define and respect QCNA measures that adhere to the standards of the national and provincial industry and the standards of the Press Council.

The QCNA provides advocacy, government representation, marketing and promotion for community newspapers in Quebec

  • To ensure that governments, the public and the media industry, including advertising customers are aware of QCNA newspapers.
  • To represent the diverse needs of members in advertising and readership and to demonstrate the strength of the collective and individual publications.
  • To report journalistic challenges in the official language markets and to offer solutions and partnerships that will benefit the members and the association.
  • To demonstrate that the QCNA is a simple service point to reach the papers in the official languages ​​in Quebec.
  • To represent members in the fields of government activities that may affect positively or negatively members. Provincial and federal legislation in relation to recycling, the action plans for official languages, research on community media and OL communities, programs such as the Publications Assistance Program and the Canada Periodical Fund and Canada Post are examples.

  • Targeted government bodies:
    • PWGSC (Department of Public Works)
    • Canadian Heritage
    • OL Senate Committee
    • Statistics Canada
    • Canada Post
    • Individual MPs and MNAs Representing official language Communities - usually matched with a newspaper primary market.
    • Communication Directors, federal and provincial departments Such as Culture and Communications, Education, Industry and Agriculture.

    Targeted advertising newspapers and organizations

    • News Media Canada
    • Provincial and regional newspaper associations
    • L'Association de la presse francophone (key media partner for Official Languages)
    • Quebec weeklies
    • Press Council of Quebec
    • Cossette Media
    • Advertising contractors approved by the Government of Canada ie: Cossette and ACART
    • The QCNA monitors and develops major media lists and planning tools to ensure that its members are active and properly represented.
    • QCNA employs full-time coordinator who ensures that members are represented by cost guides and approves media lists and tools. The advertising coordinator acts as a primary liaison between agencies, clients and members publications to ensure efficient and accurate placement. *

    * Inclusion on the list approved by the government does not necessarily guarantee an advertising investment by the

    Membership in the QCNA offers access to a recognized and accepted program to measure readership (CMCA), a critical element in the national and local advertising placement.

    • The full membership of the QCNA provides access to programs and services of the Canadian Newspaper Association (CCNA / CNA).
    • Membership provides access to digital archives of AWSOM newspapers and a digital entry for research services readership and audience such as COMBASE.
    • Membership allows publications to have a strong representation in important meetings and meetings of the newspaper industry.

    Professional Development and Education

    • The QCNA offers regular training opportunities for staff and editors of all levels and in all fields of journalism sector. Learning opportunities are offered by the QCNA such as seminars and sessions online, low cost and subsidized prices.
    • The QCNA develops and works with key industry partners to deliver sales training, technologies and production, editorials and in relation to legislation on any platform information.

    Communications and Media

    • The QCNA informs it's members of industry issues and news by sending an e-newsletter, The Connector containing relevant, important and timely information.In addition, the newsletter shares best practices, tips and tools, and links to programs and services offered. The Connector is also used to 'connect' with the members by offering news brought about by newspapers themselves, such as transition items, appointments, anniversary and other topics.
    • In addition, the QCNA regularly sends e-bulletins with emphasis on critical developments in the industry. Our website QCNA.ORG is constantly updated and allows members and the public to have easy access to important information about our newspapers, including data and prices, local events, provincial and national opportunities and learning opportunities. The QCNA's committed, experienced and qualified staff are available to assist members on short notice and in real time.

    The QCNA �"Better Newspapers Awards", conference and gala

    This is perhaps our most popular and best-known program, this annual competition recognizes excellence in journalism, production and sales in 37 categories at the provincial level. The publications have full member status are also eligible to participate in the national competition. The competition culminates in an annual gala often at the same time as the gala and the Annual General Meeting of QCNA and offers outstanding networking opportunities with colleagues and peers. The educational and professional sessions are also available.


    The membership costs must be approved each year at the Annual General Meeting. The costs are the lowest compared to other newspapers associations in Canada, amounting to $200 per year. In order to keep the fees to a minimum a member may participate in a maximum of four donations / page per year. This program provides an opportunity for additional revenue for members and provides support to all QCNA programs.